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Upstream and Downstream: Potential Compliance Challenges for Every Antitrust Stage

2024 Washington, D.C. Masters Conference Panel. 


On this webinar:

Get a holistic view of today's changing antitrust environment from McDermott Will & Emery Partner Lisa Rumin, AT&T Assistant Vice President - Senior Legal Counsel Melanie Hallas Kirsch, and Masters Conference Chief Legal Officer Kevin Clark. Kevin Brzozowski – Level Legal director of business development and host of What’s Brewing in Antitrust – moderated the panel discussion.

Watch the entire webinar or skip to the highlights:

  • 2:20: What are the eDiscovery implications of the FTC's proposed change to the Hart Scott Rodino (HSR) notification process in 2023?
  • 5:39: The latest view of ephemeral messages, collaborative applications, and employee-owned devices from the FTC and DOJ.
  • 9:14: How would the updated HSR rules affect workflows (e.g., more custodians and draft documents)?
  • 26:37: The potential for anticipatory document holds for collaboration applications.
  • 39:26: Other "heavy lift" document production requirements for companies under the proposed rules.
  • 45:52: How many of the proposed changes will survive in the long run?

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