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Balancing the Transactional and the Relational in a Data-Driven World

2022 Buying Legal Conference Panel


What’s Inside?

Balancing the Transactional and Relational in a Data-Driven World With:

Joey Seeber, CEO at Level Legal

Jeremy Ballew, Senior Attorney & eDiscovery at American Airlines

Jonathan Fortney, Partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Andy Krebs, Senior Director & Head of Legal Operations at Twilio

We live in a data-driven world. Our companies have responded by allocating substantial resources to capture and leverage data, insights, intelligence, and knowledge. This transactional data pours in from numerous sources: customers, financial records, documents, social media, websites, and much more. But numbers are meaningless without context. Join us as we explore how strong partner relationships and the human touch help find and translate the numbers that animate our world.


Recognize the importance of balancing data and strong partner relationships

Help quantify the value of human-oriented interactions.

Know how to “play the long game” of relational intelligence in a transactional world.


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