LTL March 2024 with Doug Austin
On-Demand Recording

Ten Thousand Hours of eDiscovery: Perpetual Content Machine Doug Austin on AI, Hyperlinks, and the State of the Industry

Level Table Live episode ten. 


In this episode:

Doug Austin – editor of eDiscovery Today and self-professed "crazy blogger guy" – covers his backstory, the latest industry news, and what to expect in 2024.

Watch the entire webinar or skip to the highlights:

  • 2:14: Is Doug the rock star of eDiscovery?
  • 4:42: Why Doug started writing a daily eDiscovery blog in 2010.
  • 11:08: Field-tested tips for using generative AI in legal.
  • 13:03: Doug's unusual path to the industry.
  • 16:34: Top findings from eDiscovery Today's 2024 State of the Industry report. 
  • 24:30: The most in-demand skills for paralegals.
  • 30:07: The state of the debate on modern attachments -- plus Doug's take.
  • 39:30: What to do about modern attachments that no longer exist.
  • 40:50: Strategies for working with metadata, including a shoutout to Craig Ball.
  • 43:56: Doug's recommendations for privilege logging tools.
  • 51:29: Sports trivia wrap up: Go Bears!

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