Livestream February 2024 II
On-Demand Recording

Dropping Dimes: Kelly Twigger on Case Law, Generative AI, and Other eDiscovery Assists

Level Table Live episode nine. 


In this episode:

Kelly Twigger – founder/CEO of eDiscovery Assistant, principal of ESI Attorneys, and former college basketball player – covers the industry from multiple angles.

Watch the entire webinar or skip to the highlights:

  • 3:17: How Kelly came to eDiscovery.
  • 9:42: Why use eDiscovery Assistant.
  • 10:43: Hot topics: hyperlinked files, intent to deprive under rule 37(e) for sanctions, and possession custody/control for mobile devices.
  • 15:28: Mobile device discovery and delayed usefulness of Generative AI (GAI).
  • 17:16: “Recency bias” in appellate decision, wrong name for Maryland court of appeals, and other problems with GAI.
  • 20:13: GAI and pricing.
  • 21:45: Are law schools getting better at teaching eDiscovery?
  • 25:11: The best way to show attorneys why Rule 26(g) matters.
  • 27:06 How to comply with second-request demands.
  • 29:40: Casepoint’s FOIA module.
  • 33:39: What legal professionals need most today.
  • 34:45: Why Kelly loves England.

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