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Hub and Spoke: Gibson’s Diana Feinstein and the New Model Legal Team

Level Table Live episode eight. 


In this episode:

Gibson Dunn Partner Diana Feinstein, Level Legal CEO Joey Seeber, and Director of Client Solutions Daniel Bonner explore Diana’s “hub and spoke” model for successful legal teams.

Steam this Level Table Live to learn dos and don’ts for building teams – internal and external – and guidelines for legal professionals at all career stages.

Watch the entire webinar or skip to the highlights:

  • 3:34: Diana’s bat mitzvah of legal destiny.
  • 5:09: Why the building and maintenance of legal teams matter.
  • 6:27: Diana’s hub and spoke model for winning teams.
  • 10:06: How to identify “go-getter” associates.
  • 12:46: Why top-of-the-class attorneys fail on the job.
  • 13:49: How to find extraordinary legal services vendors.
  • 20:54: Key lessons from Diana’s first Gibson mentor.
  • 24:50: The importance of kindness and gratitude.
  • 27:17: How to defend your team size with clients.
  • 31:37: The most overlooked trait of great legal teams.
  • 32:32: How younger associates can become “indispensable.”
  • 33:57: Why you should never work with your back to an open door.

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