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Legal Ops-palooza: Aaron Bath Takes on Generative AI, Underwater Adventures, and Law School Approaching 50

Level Table Live episode five. 


In this episode:

Balfour Beatty National Director of Litigation Management Aaron Bath and Level Legal Director of Client Solutions Daniel Bonner take a deep dive into legal operations. Almost literally.

Hear about Aaron's unusual route to legal ops, learn how eDiscovery resembles SCUBA, draw a bead on the future of AI in legal tech, and more on Level Set Live.

Pressed for time? Jump straight to these highlights:

  • Getting to know Aaron (1:15).
  • How he became the director of litigation management for a large corporation without a law degree (4:40).
  • Surviving the cave SCUBA dive to Eagles Nest (9:05).
  • The two schools of thought about legal ops (10:20).
  • The future of AI in legal ops (18:40).
  • Leveraging technology to build a second "brain" to get more done (24:10).
  • Proof Aaron can discuss eDiscovery and solve a Rubik's Cube at the same time to prove a point (32:30).

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