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Glass Half Full: Ari Kaplan's Optimistic Take on the Future of Legal

Level Table Live episode six. 


In this episode:

Ari Kaplan, writer / researcher / coach, shares his unique point of view with Level Legal CEO Joey Seeber and Director of Client Solutions Daniel Bonn on why the future of legal looks bright. Stream this episode to learn how to grow your professional career and personal life.

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  • Why Ari has an optimistic take on the future of legal (3:55).
  • Ari's introduction to legal writing (6:50).
  • Research that points to good news for the legal industry (8:15).
  • How Ari plans to "hold the flashlight" to bring realism for legal careers (11:10).
  • The tremendous impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the legal industry and how to adapt (13:10).
  • How mentors put Ari on a trajectory of influence (15:50).
  • Ari's journey into ghostwriting and ultimately to writing books (25:25).
  • Ari's advice for lawyers looking for a career change (30:15).
  • A can-did story about the power of giving back and how it relates to personal and career growth (35:10).
  • The strangest thing Ari has ever seen in the legal industry (49:25).
  • What's next for Ari (54:01)?

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