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Tech-Backed Terror: Navigating the Intersection of AI, Cryptocurrency, Money Laundering, and Proliferation Financing

An EDRM webinar with Level Legal. 


In this episode:

Level Legal Director of Legal Compliance Services Greg Moreman joins EDRM Stewards Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad as they dive into the criminal ins and outs of digital money laundering. Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency regulations are fighting back against terrorism and trafficking.

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  • How a Miami drug-sniffing dog was the key to uncovering a massive money laundering scheme (7:25).
  • Defining money laundering (12:30).
  • Why do criminals need to "clean" money and what does it mean (16:05)?
  • The placement, layering, and integration of the money laundering process (24:15).
  • Where the newly cleaned money goes (31:01).
  • The history of anti-money laundering (AML) laws (34:05).
  • Biden's executive order on ensuring responsible development of digital assets (40:55).
  • Adding artificial intelligence to the regulatory mix (47:30).
  • The challenges and risks of leveraging AI for AML (50:45).
  • Build the brakes while building the engine, and other tips on mitigating risks when implementing AI for AML (54:45).

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