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The Art of the Steal: How Forensics Can Help You Outsmart Intellectual Property Thieves

Level Table Live episode three. 


In this episode:

Level Legal CEO Joey Seeber, Director of Client Solutions Daniel Bonner, and VP of Forensics David Greetham discuss the past, present, and future of digital forensics in this episode of Level Table Live. 

Tune in to hear about how you can detect IP theft, protect yourself from employee IP theft, and the challenges that forensic analysts face.

Watch this on-demand livestream to learn more.

Additional resources and highlights:

  • Forensics expert David Greetham Joins Level Legal. Press Release
  • The beginning of digital forensics (4 minutes).
  • How to detect IP theft activity (9 minutes).
  • Prevention of theft by an employee (14:35 minutes).
  • Challenges forensic experts face (21:25 minutes).
  • How forensics integrates with traditional eDiscovery platforms (32:45 minutes).

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